International Piano-e-Competition
The preliminary performances for the e-Piano Junior Festival concluded on Tuesday, June 10. We would like to thank all participants, parents and teachers for making the performances such a wonderful and inspiring event.

Below are the names of the young pianists in alphabetical order, selected to perform in the master classes for one of the International Judges of the e-Piano Junior Competition on July 8 and July 10, 2008 at Sundin Music Hall. Click here for the Festival Schedule.

e-Piano Junior Festival Preliminary Performances Results
ID #

Participant Name

Participant #11 Donte Allen

Merrily Stone

Participant #23 Adam Birdsall Dr. Joseph Zins
Participant #24 Kenny Broberg Dr. Joseph Zins
Participant #13 James Brockhurst Elena Piastro
Participant #26 Michael Chen Jean Krinke
Participant #16 Evan Chen Jean Krinke
Participant #17 Emily Chen

Jean Krinke

Participant #5

Isabelle Dawis

Judy Lin
Participant #29 Mary Ennis Jean Krinke
Participant #19 Luke Erickson Krista Lundblad
Participant #7 Jonathan Fouk Grace Kopitske
Participant #25 Lillie Gardner Dr. Joseph Zins
Participant #32 Spencer Knight Dr. Stella Sick
Participant #4 Elgin Lee* Tania Spector
Participant #1 Colton Peltier Dr. Paul Wirth
Participant #20 Bo Peng Alexander Braginsky/Tania Spector
Participant #6 Emma Schneider Dr. Paul Wirth
Participant #15 Dana Sun**

Tania Spector

Participant #21 Joshua Tan Dr. Joseph Zins
Participant #2 Maggie Yang*** Tania Spector
Participant #33 Jeff Zhang Alexander Braginsky

The participant-judge match up will be announced no later than Friday, June 27th. Please stay tuned. All participants will be performing the same pieces as they played in the Preliminary Performances. For the participants who performed more than one piece, judges have selected one from each to be performed in the master class setting.
*Elgin Lee will perform Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53, "Waldstein," 1st movement
**Dana Sun will perform Claude Debussy Pagodas from Estampes
***Maggie Yang will perform J. S. Bach Prelude and Fugue in D Minor, WTC I

Preliminary Performances Program (PDF)
Performer - Teacher Master List (PDF)
Dr. Stella Sick
Telephone: 763-416-3256
Fax: 763-416-3256
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