International Piano-e-Competition

Congratulations to all of the Participants of the Disklavier/Video Recordings of the 2013 e-Piano Junior Competition!

Disklavier/Video Recordings will take place in January 2013 in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Beijing and Moscow. Please visit Disklavier/Video Recording Page to see the dates and locations.

2013 Disklavier/Video Recordings Participants (in alphabetical order)

Rachel Breen, USA
Katherine Chen, Australia
Jun Hwi Cho, South Korea
Daniel Alexander Eras Saborio, Costa Rica
Vladimir Fedorov, Russia
Alina Fedoseeva, Russia
Tian W. Gao, Canada
Steven Gong, Canada
Melanie Hebert, Canada
Bryan Ho, USA
Dongxu Jin, China
Ji-Young Kim, South Korea
Carmen Knoll, USA
Vicky Jui-Chi Kuo, Canada
Aaron Kurz, USA
Claire Lee, Canada
Robert Levinger, USA
Victor Li, USA
Mei Li, China
Charlie Liu, USA
Eric Lu, USA
Max Ma, USA
Michael Mei, USA
JiaXin Min, China
Evelyn Mo, USA
Valerie Narumi, USA
Helen Nebeker, USA
Daniel Oslin, USA
Evren Ozel, USA
Chaeyoung Park, USA
Max Randal, USA
Christopher Son Richardson, USA
Linda Ruan, Canada
Szuyu Su, Taiwan ROC
Michael Tang, USA
Athena Tzianos, USA
Angeni Wang, Canada
Tracy Wong, USA
Janet Wu, USA
Yuafan Yang, UK
Fangzhou Ye, China
Ye Zi, China

Virtual Auditions
The deadline for submitting applications for 2021 competition is November 20, 2020.
If you missed any of our livestreaming of 2019 competition, you can find our archive here.
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