International Piano-e-Competition

Congratulations to all of the Participants of the Disklavier/Video Recordings, of the 2009 Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition!

Disklavier/Video Recordings will take place in January 2009 in New York City, Los Angeles, Beijing, Paris and Moscow. Please visit Disklavier/Video Recording Page to see the dates and locations.

2009 Disklavier/Video Recordings Participants (in alphabetical order)

Dae Hyung Ahn, South Korea
Charlie Albright, USA
Christopher Atzinger, USA
Marouan Benabdallah, Morocco/Hungary - withdrew from competition
Chaoyin Cai, China
Ying Cai, China
Lie Chen, China
Yunjie Chen, China
Hee Youn Choue, South Korea - withdrew from competition
Kyung Wha Chu, South Korea - withdrew from competition
Leopoldo Erice, Spain
Inna Faliks, USA
Christopher Falzone, USA
Martina Filjak, Croatia
Jonathan Floril, Spain/Ecuador
Lindsay Garritson, USA
Elmar Gazanov, Russia
Irina Georgieva, Bulgaria
Pavel Gintov, Russia
Sutini Goh, Indonesia
Aysedeniz, Gokcin, Turkey
Anna Golubeva, Russia
Vyacheslav Gryaznov, Russia
Miao Hou, China
Shih Wei Huang, Taiwan
Ran Jia, China
Andrej Jussow, Germany
Alexander Karpeyev, Russia
Grace Eun Hae Kim, South Korea

Kyung-Ah Kim, South Korea - withdrew from competition
Eduard Kunz, Russia
Istvan Lajko, Hungary
Andrea Lam, Australia - withdrew from competition
Simon Lariviere, Canada
Han-Chien Lee, Taiwan
Shen Lu, China
Maria Masycheva, Russia
Scott Meek, Canada
Marko Mustonen, Finland - withdrew from competition
Howard Na, USA
Jonghwa Park, South Korea
Hye-Yeon Park, South Korea
Piotr Rozanski, Poland
Yukiko Sekino, Japan
Alexander Seredenko, Canada
Anna Shelest, USA
Rui Shi, China
Mikhail Shilayev, Russia
Konstantin Soukhovetski, Russia
Andrew Staupe, USA
Alexey Sychev, Russia
Young-Ah Tak, South Korea
Diyi Tang, China
Alessandro Taverna, Italy
Anastasya Terenkova, Russia
Amy Toscano, Taiwan
Konstantyn Travinskyy, Ukraine
Helene Tysman, France
Dzmitry Ulasiuk, Ukraine
James Wilshire, Great Britain
Henry Wong Doe, New Zealand
Chi Xu, China
Ilya Yakushev, Russia - withdrew from competition
Clara Yang, USA
Pavel Yeletsky, Belarus
Dizhou Zhao, China
Denis Zhdanov, Ukraine
Hao Zhu, China
Eric Zuber, USA
Adam Zukievicz, Canada
Zhang Zuo, China - withdrew from competition

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