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The International Piano-e-Competition uses 21st Century technology in a number of ways to screen applicatns, involve judges from remote locations, and to share competition performances with a worldwide audience.

The Second International Piano-e-Competition is proud to share with you Disklavier MIDI files and video recordings from all stages of the compeititon.

Most performances are available in one or both formats. During the Disklavier Audition Round of the competition, contestants performed on Disklavier Pro pianos in Hamamatsu, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. During the recording process, a high resolution XP Standard MIDI File was created. These XP SMFs were used for playback before the screening jury at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

Starting with the Recital Round, the final 22 contestants performed in person at Hamline University. All performances were streamed as live video over the Internet. In addition, all solo performances were recorded on a concert grand Disklavier Pro.

All the video files are accessible either from this page or from the page of any Contestant who participated in Minneapolis Recital Round. To have an access to both video and MIDI files, click here to go to the Contestant page. Click on the name of any contestant. This will take you to the individual contestant's page where you will find complete program listings as well as links tp the MIDI and video files.

Note: There are no MIDI files for the Quartet and Concerto Rounds because the instrumentalists cannot record in MIDI format. There are also no archived video files of the Concerto Round and Gala Concert.

Click here to locate DIsklavier MIDI files from the First International Piano-e-Competition.

To learn more about downloading Disklavier MIDI files click here.


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